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Business Litigation

Your business will need legal assistance during formation, daily transactions and dissolution. As a director, officer, shareholder, member or partner – you need someone representing your specific interests with trusted experience, knowledge and integrity to handle your matters in a professional and cost effective manner. Urbani & Marshall provides you with the needed advice and consultation for your particular business needs and desired results.

We understand that every case is different and that each business entity has its own issues. We work closely with our clients, offering practical solutions and guidance, while keeping you informed.

Our services and advice can be a strong preventative measure in foreseeable problems that your future business dealings, protecting your interests through contracts and agreements and proper business formations that truly fits your needs.

Our advice and services address (and often prevent) many foreseeable business problems. We draft the necessary legal documents and recommend the proper entity that fits your situation.

Consult with Urbani & Marshall today

Businesses face many legal challenges, whether through business disputes, employee issues, regulations or acquiring new assets or expansion. These issues require an experienced attorney who can analyze your situation and offer the necessary legal guidance for the best resolution, while remaining cost-effective.

By providing you with a free, no-cost and confidential initial consultation, the attorneys and counselors at Urbani & Marshall, P.C. can begin to learn about you and your particular needs and concerns.

Call us today at 586-649-7712 to learn more!

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