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Custody / Parenting / Child Support

Our firm represents successful business people involved in marital disputes who need advice & assistance to equitably divide marital assets, resolve spousal and child support issues & at times, address custody and parenting time matters.

Most cases entail complex issues involving business valuations, alimony determinations, extrapolation of child support when the guidelines rarely apply as well as jurisdictional, multi-state custody/child support matters.


Our goal is to amicably resolve every case. Typically, 97% of our cases settle, often well before trial. However, we prepare each case from the start as if it were going to trial.

 Our experience is that this approach helps insure settlement as we strive to achieve our clients' goals that usually include minimizing the harm, emotionally & financially, to each family member & helping the client retain their hard earned financial resources rather than wasting it on lawyers and litigation.

Yet, where an opposing party and/or their counsel choose different goals, we prepare for this situation to aggressively advocate and protect the client, his/her children & his/her financial interests.

Divorce / Annulment

Thinking about getting a Divorce? Choose the right Metro Detroit Divorce Attorney!

What are the options for bringing a marriage to an end in Michigan? At the law offices of Urbani & Marshall, we have all the answers to this very stressful time in your life.

At Urbani & Marshall, we provide expert legal representation as you prepare for your marriage to coming to an end. Considering the end of a marriage can be an emotionally charged and complex issue - our staff can help protect your rights in this situation.

We can help you move on with your life and provide personal attention to your case. Michigan has a residency requirement that must be met prior to filing. Either party must be a resident of the State of Michigan for 180 days immediately and continuously preceding the filing of the complaint, and a period of 10 days in the county in which they intend to file for divorce.

At our firm, we will assist with child custody issues, visitation disputes, alimony and child support negotiations, and the fair division of assets and debts.

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