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Criminal Defense

Aggressive criminal defense against state and federal charges

If you are facing state or federal criminal charges, you do not want your attorney to take the first offer from the prosecution to move your case along. You want a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for your rights.

We take a proactive approach to criminal defense

The attorneys at Urbani & Marshall, P.C., in Clinton Township do not sit back and take the prosecution's side of the case as the final word. We proactively investigate the facts to gain a complete understanding of the evidence. Our approach to criminal defense is to build a strong case and outwork the prosecution. We leverage our position of strength to provide our clients with a tenacious defense.

Our ultimate goal is to obtain the most favorable outcome in every case. Our attorneys are in the courtroom every day — they are definitely not afraid to try a case. We draw on years of experience in local Michigan courts to obtain dismissal, acquittal or reduced charges to minimize the damage.

You need to know that you do not have to wait for formal charges to speak with a defense lawyer. If you believe you are under investigation for a crime, you can benefit from having representation from an attorney who will safeguard your rights in interacting with police. Moreover, obtaining defense representation early in the process will allow your lawyer to begin building your defense strategy.

The attorneys at Urbani & Marshall understand how the police and prosecutors think and act. We use our deep knowledge of Michigan and federal criminal law to get results. By combining our knowledge, skills and experience, we are able to handle even the most difficult cases effectively. We have built a proven record of success. We do not rest on our past results, however, but draw on our experience to vigorously defend each client we represent.

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